Start marinating in delicious, soul-satisfying calm every day of the week with 6 Steps to a Stress-Free Supper

If you’re a time-strapped mama who’s stuck
in a food funk, and you want to...

...Eat better and have a happy, healthy gut—without spending wads of cash, giving up chocolate,
or being banished from your family for trying to slip broccoli into the lasagna.

...Whip up from-scratch recipes in record time that’d put Rachael Ray to shame,
so you can be one of those put-together moms you’ve always secretly envied.

...Rediscover the laugh-till-she’d-cry woman you were pre-mommyhood,
before your life turned into monitoring your kid’s bodily functions,
losing your lunch breaks to last-minute grocery store runs, and making midnight mental to-do lists.

Then stick with me, lady, and we’ll bitch-slap the breathless panic right out of your day!

And that’s exactly why I’ve come up with a few fun ways to turn your kitchen-time into party-time, so integrating real food
into your real life is easy-peasy (unlike feigning narcolepsy when your kids are asking you when dinner will be ready).

My name’s Ashley, and I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and mom with a dusty degree in Geophysics.

I’m also a Kate Spade-aholic, expert Rock Band drummer and wannabe rapper. (I once sang karaoke to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”. True story.)

I can help you save your sanity in the kitchen with family-friendly meal planning tips, label-free shopping guides, and yummylicious recipes to keep things simple even when “shit happens”. Aka: You’ve got a bath schedule that doesn’t always play nice with meal prep, a hubby who’s hardcore into meat and potatoes, a kid who sticks out their tongue to all-things-green, and a box of mac & cheese that’s ready to come to the rescue.

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