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Unless you live under a rock, I bet you $5 that you or someone you know is sick with the cold or flu right now.

Todays’ video is about preventing the cold and flu, or getting over it quicker and naturally if you already have it.

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*Update as of January 2014: Kindfood has evolved into a savoury restaurant called Lettuce Love Cafe in the same location as Kindfood, and a bakery called Kelly’s Bake Shoppe right down the street*

Imagine this:  you have food allergies or Celiac disease, and you can’t eat gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, or corn.

Maybe you don’t have to imagine, because this IS you (and it’s me too!)

Now imagine that you can go to a restaurant and bakery, and eat everything on the menu. Seriously, I almost cried when I went into Kindfood gluten free vegan bakery, organic cafe and juice bar in Burlington, Ontario, because I could eat everything on the menu.  EVERYTHING.  I didn’t have to order anything special, tell them about my food allergies (which I did anyways when I spent 5 minutes profusely thanking the server!), or have them omit anything from my sandwich (sandwich!).

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  • Do you have one or multiple food allergies, including being diagnosed with Celiac disease?
  • Have you lost confidence in your body, especially when eating out and being social?
  • Are you a busy, professional woman who doesn’t have time to figure out this whole new world of food by yourself?
  • Do you want to love what you eat again, and reclaim the life you had before you found out about your food allergies?

Check out my brand new welcome video for!

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I’ve just died and gone to gluten and dairy free snack heaven.  For a quick snack, you must find these protein bars NOW.

If you don’t have multiple food allergies, you may not appreciate this post, but if you are, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that finding nutritious, quick, gluten, egg, and dairy free, protein rich snacks is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.  Seriously.

I was at my local Bulk Barn today, checking out some new allergy free foods.  They had a nice shiny display set up with all sorts of different protein and snack bars.  Normally, someone with multiple food allergies like myself can count out protein bars, or they are full of soy, which for other reasons, I avoid in it’s unfermented form like the plague.

Then my eyes came upon a protein bar label marked “Gluten, Soy, & Diary Free”, and the words “Created by Nutritionists” … ahh, what is this little nugget of hope that is piquing my allergy free interests?  To the ingredient list I turn to find some reason to not be able to eat this quick snack, to which I found no objections to my food allergies!  Really?!?

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