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It’s the most dreaded time of the year for people with food allergies or Celiac disease … holiday time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, but most of the time, my stomach doesn’t.  It can make me downright ornery.  Add in the cold, damp weather, and I can be a total grinch!

I wrote this guest post for Zing Bars, but decided that it was fitting for today, since we got our first snowfall of the season here in SouthWestern Ontario!  I love the snow, I’m a total December baby, but I am cold all the time.  If you are cold blooded like me, you’re going to love this warming, vegan, gluten free, dairy free recipe which also soothes your digestive system, perhaps from eating too many Christmas cookies!  Enjoy!:

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If you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, multiple food allergies, or any other disease that will affect what you eat, including diabetes or heart disease, you have been given the most amazing opportunity of your life.

Yes, that’s right, I said an opportunity.

I want you to think about this fact:  50% of first heart attacks are fatal, and have no warning symptoms.  What a horrible statistic!  I know the feelings of isolation and grief that happen when you find out you have Celiac disease or food allergies, and these feelings will come to the surface daily (you can find a complete summary of these feelings here).  I know how frustrating it is when you go to a birthday party (and maybe even your OWN party), and can’t eat the cake.  However frustrating your “new” life can be, you finally know why you have been feeling like crap, and can do something about it.  You are no longer a victim.  You can take control of your own health and happiness, and this includes taking control of your emotions.

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When you are gluten free or have multiple food allergies, breakfast is often the hardest meal of the day, simply because a traditional western breakfast is chock full of food no-no’s for someone with food allergies like me. Baked goods, eggs, milk, cheese … kill me now!

The alternatives ain’t much better, folks!  Most gluten free toast has the texture and taste of cardboard, cereals have the nutritional content of air (i.e. not much!), and the only way to make them taste better is through sugar, sugar, and more sugar, and maybe some trans fats.

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Mmmmm, delicious homemade pizza

There are certain gluten and allergy free foods that are just so damn hard to perfect, and pizza crust is one of them.

The hardest part in making gluten free baked goods, for me, is finding a recipe that doesn’t have eggs in it, since I’m also allergic to them (and I know I’m definitely not the only one!).  Now let’s get one thing clear … I’m not recommending that you start baking brownies and cupcakes and pizza crust every day of the week, but my general rule with myself and clients is 80% healthy, nutritious, and healing foods, and the other 20% you need to still treat yourself. Yes, that’s right, I said need.

One of the hardest parts of having Celiac disease or multiple food allergies is feeling left out, food wise, of special occasions or treats that make life worth living.

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