Food Allergy Solutions

  • Do you have one or multiple food allergies, including being diagnosed with Celiac disease?
  • Have you lost confidence in your body, especially when eating out and being social?
  • Are you crazy busy, and don’t have time to figure out this whole new world of food by yourself?
  • Do you want to love what you eat again, and reclaim the life you had before you found out about your food allergies?

If you are nodding your head yes right now, and are looking to reclaim your healthy body and your full, satisfying life but have no idea where to start, then you have come to the right place! Since 2008, I have re‐built my own full, satisfying life with food allergies and now love what I can eat everyday, all while helping other individuals regain their healthy bodies and lives, and I am excited to help you too!

The secret are the 5 Steps to Food Allergy Freedom:

1. The “what the hell?” moment: So you’ve been diagnosed with one or more food allergies or intolerances, now what? First things first, you have to figure out exactly what you’ve been eating and putting on your body that has that ingredient in it, and what names it goes by. What do I mean what names (plural!), won’t that ingredient be called the same thing all the time? The truth is no! Once you start reading food labels, you’ll see your food allergies in all your favourite foods, leading to the “what the hell, there’s insert your food allergy here in that?”. Yes, there is, and you can no longer afford to live with your head in the sand. No Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

2. The great purge: Now that you know where to find your food allergies, you need to rid your house of them. This means, first and foremost, cleaning out your kitchen. All of the your kitchen cupboards, your fridge, and your freezer need to be examined with a microscope. Remember that organizing and cleaning up the clutter is a long and tiring process, but you’ll feel so energized and in control for the first time since you learned about your food allergies … so embrace it!

3. Replenish, NOT replace: It’s tempting (not to mention profitable for the food companies) for you to go out and buy all new allergen­‐free replacement foods for the ones you had to get rid of. $7 for a loaf of frozen, gluten free bread? Well, guess what? That gluten free bread is not what your body needs right now anyways. It needs nutrient dense, whole foods that will replenish what it has been missing.

A body with food allergies has not been absorbing vitamins and minerals properly for awhile, and it’s now time to give it what it needs with foods that are delicious, satisfying, and quick to make. Yes, you’re going to have to cook real food, but yes, you are going to love your food, love your body, and love your life again (and maybe, just maybe, there will be a recipe for allergen free chocolate cupcakes that will make you forget all the regular cake you ever had in your whole life)!

4. Stepping it up another level: By this point, you will have noticed that your old symptoms are disappearing or even gone, and probably some new, annoying symptoms are popping up. This is normal, and is part of the healing process. Your body was trying to correct itself for a long time, and now you’ve opened the floodgates to allow it to let go of all those physical, mental, and emotional protective mechanisms that it developed. Now is the time to step up to the next level by introducing some specialized foods and select nutritional (and allergen free) supplements. By using select products, we can speed up your body’s own healing process by weeks, months, or even years.

5. Go forth and conquer!: Now that you have a handle on your food and your body, it’s time to start living again. Friends, family, and co‐workers may have started commenting that you never come out for parties, drinks, or social gatherings anymore, and I’m sure that you are experiencing a little (or a lot) stir craziness! This is normal,and all it’s going to take is some research and planning to love your social life again. Finally, you may be ready to take the final plunge and book a vacation … you deserve it after all your hard work! If you are going to an all­‐inclusive resort, call them well in advance of you coming, and again, speak to the manager or food services about your food allergies. If you are booking your own holiday, research the city beforehand for local markets and restaurants, talk to the hotel concierge, or google “insert your food allergy here free” and the city you are going and see what pops up.

Living with food allergies can be hard sometimes, but with a little planning, you will love your life again!

If you’re ready to take your first step towards food allergy freedom, book your free 30 minute call here with Ashley … she can’t wait to hear from you!

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