Start marinating in delicious, soul-satisfying calm every day of the week with 6 Steps to a Stress-Free Supper

ever feel like all the responsibility
falls on your shoulders?

when it comes to winging planning meals, grocery shopping, crying over chopped onions (hello, onion goggles!),
and making sure your kids are meeting all of their complex nutritional requirements eating anything resembling a fruit or vegetable?

I know that feeling. It’s called overwhelm. (And it’s NOT fun.)

When you’re trying to organize everything, and taking care of everyone but yourself,
sometimes staying sane means pushing that healthy meal to the side, throwing some ready-made nuggets and fries into the oven for
the kids, and YOU scarfing down a Toaster’s Strudel right before bed because suddenly it’s midnight and you have to get up for yoga work at 7 am.


And that’s exactly why I’ve come up with a few fun ways to turn your kitchen-time into party-time, so integrating real food
into your real life is easy-peasy (unlike feigning narcolepsy when your kids are asking you when dinner will be ready).

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